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The Talent 

Talented, charismatic, professional party starters. Our Djs MCs and Photo Booth professionals are in a class by themselves. Our DJs have an unparralleled library of music and play the music that you and your guests want to hear. Freckled Dragon DJs play at some of New York City most popular hotspots and they are passionate about playing weddings.

Neallan Lambert (Founder/MC)

Born in St. Lucia West Indies, raised in NYC Neallan has a passion for entertaining through music and photography. He takes great satisfaction in seeing people enjoying themselves and having a fun event experience. Freckled Dragon emerged from Neallan's passion for music and photography and represents the union of a talented collective of DJ and Photo Booth professionals.

Nadia Vidal  (DJ)

Born and raised in the British West Indies, DJ Nadia Vidal draws from her wide cultural knowledge and world travels to bring an exciting blend of music to any occasion. Nadia is a popular DJ at New York City hotspots and she is passionate about playing weddings. Nadia’s wedding clients rave about her unique and personalized approach, hand-tailored to each couple’s families, friends, and tastes.

Kris Johnson (MC/Host)

Born and raised in Harlem New York, Kris “KJ” Johnson has always been known as an entertainer. Today KJ travels the world entertaining as the hype-man for  Hip Hop Multi-Platnuim Recording artist Ron Browz. KJ is an entertainer like no other.

Wayne Dante (DJ)

Wayne Dante has a unique musical backgraound. Raised in St.Lucia in the 70's when reggae, calypso and zouk music was at it's purest. He migrated to  the Bronx in the 80s when  hip hop culture dominated the inner city. Wayne's love for both genera of music made him search deeper into the art of collecting records of all major artist, giving him a wealth of musical knowdlege. His motto is simple."Give the people what they want".

Dj Wayne Dante - Zouk Time
DJ Wayne Dante - Soca Madness
DJ Wayne Dante - 90's Party Mix
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